Flynova Pro - Gyrosphere Flying Spinner

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Magic: You can push the sphere at will with skill to keep it floating in the air. When thrown from different angles, there will be different moving tracks. Whether you have a magic wand or not, you can do magic like a magician.
Safety & Drop Resistance: Flying ball toys are made of soft and lightweight materials, which are resistant to drop and durable. Even if we are hit by it, it will not cause us harm at all. For children, it is extremely safe. It is also the best choice for children to play outdoors.
Coolest: The Globe Shape Magic Controller can be activated by patting or shaking. The flight will be accompanied by colorful lights, just like controlling a meteor in the starry sky!
Infinite Creation: This flying ball has unlimited possibilities, shows your creativity, and unlocks more different ways of playing.
Best Gift For Anyone: This unique flying ball with exquisite packaging box is suitable as a gift for kids friends family.

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